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If you are tired of multiple agencies which offer you fake photos of “Russian brides” for real money then we are glad to welcome you on our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women. All the women on our site are real, they pass several stages of checking by several managers and only those women who pass this check are activated on the site! We keep our site clean from scammers!

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You can join the site for free. Registration on our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women is very simple – you just choose login and password, fill in the necessary fields, answer the questions in your profile and upload the photos. Just after registration you appear to be a Limited member and you are provided with the possibility to communicate with 30 women from Free gallery to test features on the site. Later you can upgrade your membership if you want to communicate with the women from Silver and Gold galleries unlimitedly.

We do not introduce women to men and we do not arrange tours for men to meet with women. You register on the site and communicate with the women by yourself. If you are tired of long communication with the women – then you can order our service of professional search of the women. More information about it you can find in the section Matchmaking services in the bottom of the site page.

How our personals site works?

    Quite recently I talked to a man from Spain, he was complaining that he had got acquainted by Internet with several Russian hotwomen and hot girls, they were completely breathtaking in their pictures, but when he came to meet them they were just average, not superordinary not like those hot women models on the podiums. He was walking along the streets of St-Petersburg and saw many Russian hot women walking along the street, they were not in hurry, talked with their friends, lauphed a lot. Why then did he meet Russian single hot women who were beautiful in the hot women in bikini hot women pictures, but were tired, dull, not funny? Yes, it can happen also. If a girl exausts herself with work (she has, for example, to care alone for her child or she needs to rent an apartmnet and it is very expensive in Russia) she looks not her best, and you can't imagine how she changes after rest or after she does not need to work.

    But most girls who look like hot women models do not want real relationship, they want just men's admiration for online dating site, they want to be the center of attention. But they do not need closeness, intimacy, warmth.

    The second reason is that even if there is such a paragon who combines hot Russian women model appearance with warmth and comfort. They are very rare. We have a joke about it:

    Two men are sitting near a fireplace. One man says looking in the fire. I was never married in my life. - Why? - I was alwasy searching for a perfect woman for me. - And? Did not you find her? - No, I found her. But I was not a perfect man for her. It is a sad joke but I have met some men who were acting like this and I saw them on different sites for more than 10 years. Ask our special manager all the questions that you have when you use our site. She will help you to understand better how to use the online dating site, how to find a girls.


Mistakes in building relationships in Internet

Making too many contacts. When a person does not have time to see a real person behind her letters, he just writes to many people. Writes, writes and writes. Letters appear to be just the same, nobody sees him behind his standard letters and he does not see anybody as real persons, he just tries to write to as many Russian women as he can. It is just an empty correspondence that takes a lot of time and means nothing.

A few of contacts. You can invest all your time in one person and write to her only. Probably you can have luck and she will appear the person that you have been searching for such a long time, but she can also lose interest in you and find some other person, or you meet with this person in real and you understand that he is not the person that you would like to have relationships with.

Judge hot women by photos. Glamourous hot women photos, photos as if they are from women's magazine attract their attention. It is interesting but 80 percent of letters are received by 20 percent of single hot women. But they are not more beautiful, they are not more interesting than others. They have just better pictures than others.

Men do not pay attention to psychological test result ,to compatibility. But they will live with a hot women, not with pictures. They will be unhappy if they have hot women that is always makes rows or constantly nagging and does not want to sleep with them.
  • Letters are the most popular means of knowing new women on the site. Send the letters to the women that you like and start wonderful correspondence with them.

  • Chat provides possibility of exchanging instant messages with the women. Use it to develop your communication with the women that you like.

  • Photo contests are one more means to meet beautiful Russian women. Upload your photos to your profile and put it to one of the photo contests on the site.

Peculiarities of national behavior

When you have relationships with a foreigner you should always remember about differences of your set of mind, traditions, humor, etc. Remember, that even if the Russian girl speaks English perfect it is not her native language so she can make some mistakes even when she did not intend to make them, or offend you somehow even if she did not want to offend you. If the woman says that you are so much interesting, she does not understand what you are doing on the site if you can meet a lot of women there – she is not saying that to get rid of you as of a foreigner. It is a real compliment to you and your appearance, so appreciate that. Purely Russian feature is generosity, so Russian people will give the last money that they have to make present for somebody and they do not understand when foreigners proudly give them 10-30 euros as present, Russian women just think that you are greedy and you do not like them. In that case better buy flowers for this money.

Beautiful and feminine Hot Russian women

As Russia and Ukraine are not feminist countries it is quite common here that man pays for woman if they go out for a date. It is not a sign that Russian woman wants to use you (unless she brings you to the most expensive restaurant in the city and orders there the most expensive dishes). If the man refuses to do it then the girl will consider that he is greedy or not interested in her. If the Russian woman insists on paying for herself on a date it means that the date was not good as for her and she does not want to get closer with this man. Russian women mostly take a lot of care of their appearance and spend a lot for that even if their incomes are not good, so they also pay a lot of attention as to how their men look. Never forget to take care of your look if you are going to have relationship with Russian girl, because Russian women do not understand such a combination as an official costume and sneakers for example. You should not look as a model, but do your best to look neat.

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